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You're not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep going.

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a softer world, abandoned buildings, all that evokes emotion, alternate realities, alternative history, androgyny, anthropology, bagels, beauty in tragedy, being trans, books, brownies, challenging ideals and beliefs, change, chocolate, chosen family, civil liberties, classical music, coffee, communicating, community, consciousness, cooking for friends, creating my own path, culture, doorways, eating out, ebay, education, environment, epistolary novels, escaping monotony, escapism, ethics, fairy tales, false prophets, feathers, figuring myself out, filling in the gaps, folklore, fragile things, francesca lia block, free thinkers, free will, friendship, ftm, fuzzy sweaters, gargoyles, geeks, gender studies, getting to know others, ghosts, haemophilia, haruki murakami, hiatus-spirithollows, hidden places, hiking, history, hope, hot chocolate, human emotion, hypersensitivity, illustrated letters, imagination, insomnia, inspiration, intellectual foreplay, intelligent conversation, interaction, introspection, invisible illness, irreverent humour, kindness, knowledge acquisition, languages, late-night conversations, learning, learning from mistakes, libraries, linguistics, listening to the wind, literature, making up words, misfits, morbid and creepifying, music, mythology, nostalgia, nuclear disarmament, open source, open-mindedness, other dimensions, other worlds, parallel realities, peaceful rainy days, philosophical fiction, philosophy, photography, pomegranates, privacy, progressive politics, psychology, questioning authority, questioning everything, quoting dead people, rainbows, reading, reading without interruptions, recycling, reincarnation, revolution, satire, secrets, sign language, sleeping, social change, social equality, social justice, social movements, social sciences, social services, sociology, socks, sound of falling snow, sounds of water, speculative fiction, spirit guides, spirits, staying up late, subjective reality, subverting the dominant paradigm, sunlight, surrealism, symbolism, talking, teaching, there are other worlds than these, thinking for myself, thinking out loud, thunderstorms, time travel, tolerance, transgender, unreality, urban legends, walking, watching movies, words, worlds inside worlds, zombies
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